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Our mission is not only to address pests problems and prepare your home against pests. Our mission is to put your mind at ease by taking care of your problems efficiently and keeping you informed along the way – we’re here to help.

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Seasonal Pest Information

Pest come and go with the seasons, and being prepared helps prevent any infestation. Below are a couple of examples of winter pest that may be coming in your direction

Spectra Pest Control handles mice and rodents


During the winter, mice scurry for food and shelter. Given all the warm spots in your home and plenty of food, mice are inclined to invade your home in the winter

Spectra Pest Control handles Cockroaches


Just like mice, cockroaches are in search of food, which leads them to your home. Upon finding food and moisture, cockroaches turn your home in to their home.

How to be a Proactive Homeowner



Find out which pests are predominate in your area and figure out how to protect your home for ever season. Learn More Here.



After determining which pest you need to prepare for, brace your home, garage, and more for the potential pests. Learn More HereĀ 


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Pests have existed as long as humans for a reason – they figure out a way to survive off of you. If preparation fails, call us, we’re here to help!